Mitcham Road - Flat Conversion

Project Summary

The challenge is a homeowner is looking for the home in the posh area, but due to limited space, the homemaker failed to build a home of own choice. If you are looking for the personal home in London Road, we have the better solution for you.

We will help you to convert your house into flat to give you a comfortable house. We are here to convert your home into flat with better and comfortable infrastructure.

Property Value Originally Average


Project Value


Average Value After Development

£1.1 Million

Percentage of Value Added


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The Client

We promise we will utilise your space for the home to make five flat conversions. It will be quite challenging us to utilise your space properly for constructing flat for you but as we have the fine architecture that will make this task possible for you. In the posh area by constructing, a home might look uncomfortable in London road and so flat will be comfortable for the client. In the area like London road, the flat will be comfortable for the client as the flat will have well-structured rooms as compared to home.


The Job

Our job is to provide a comfortable living standard to our client and so that our architecture work hard to make an attractive and comfortable flat design for our clients. We are giving an opportunity to our client for suggesting their design or structure for their flat. We are promising that we will do our best to fulfil your all requirements. We will provide your best design with all comforts including lofted kitchen shelf, designer bathroom and fancy ceiling in the budget.


The Results

Now your flat is ready, and you will feel like a home in your new flat as per our promise. We have given a comfortable home design to your flat so that you can enjoy the facilities of your home in your flat. In this flat, you will found all facilities like your own home such as parking place, hanging lawn, hanging balcony, and fancy ceiling. If you want to compare your flat with any home you can compare it well; you will find similarity from inside either the external will be mismatched.