Halcot Avenue - L Shape Extension

Project Summary

Living in a house for ten years, they had looked into to extend their entrance into L shape infrastructure.

This L shaped extension would give them extra space to park their vehicle as well as to get a small lane for having their good time to spend. The speciality of our project is we are using soundproof tools so that your neighbours could be safe from any disruption.

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The Client

Out designers and architects are pleasing to design a fantastic and comfortable lane for our client to make their house attractive. Our architect has the best design to build up a kind of L shape extension for the home with proper space to use the shape as the lane, small playing ground along with parking for vehicles. We will make the expansion in such as way so that our client can even use this as the small office during holidays. In addition to the infrastructure, we will provide a mathematical spine roof in the top so that it will protect the client from the reflection of sunrays.


The Job

Our architects would take four to six weeks for completing this project in between our client can visit another place or can go for holidays. We will send images of the progress of work. We also are giving the opportunity to our clients for presenting their idea for structuring the extension. Another option we are offering to our client that they can stay at home while the construction and discuss with our architect about the design what client needs.


The Results

The L shaped extension has now changed the design of your house, and it has made your home more attractive than previous structure. Now you can use this L shaped extension as the parking place, small picnic spot as well as small playground for kids. Along with this, now you can use this extension as party spot to celebrate your happy time with family as well as friends. We will furnish the finishing of this expansion with tiles so that in the rainy season client can swipe the mud quickly by any of swiping machine.